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With us, there are no surprises! We offer you a full service at a flat fee including accounting software, unlimited consultations and full tax compliance. We are driven by your success, not by the hours we put in.



Have you built your business plan or are you still improving it? Do you have a name for your business, or maybe just an idea? Are you incorporated or in the process of incorporating? Perhaps you have already started saving for a project you are passionate about, or looked into other financing options.

Good news, On Compte is here for you from the very beginning. Many of our current clients benefited from our advice early on in their entrepreneurial journey. We are proud to continue to support them in their success.

We will be there not only to support you and answer your questions, but also to provide you with an accounting structure that will be the foundation of your financial health. We will take care of creating your first accounting charter, help you open your first bank accounts, and ensure that all your government obligations are completed in a timely manner.



You already class yourself as an entrepreneur! You have hired your first employees, bought your first coffee machine! You wear many hats (maybe too many at times!) while keeping the focus on your product and the first sales... You’re sure to want someone who can take care of the side issues: accounting, bookkeeping, your obligations to different stakeholders (banks, investors, government, etc.). Even better, you will need someone who can provide you with the best tools to make optimal decisions in achieving your goals.

On Compte is there for you. We will make sure that you are always ready and properly structured to face future successes and challenges.

Series A


You are moving on to the next stage! Your company is now all grown up! You have employees...and even departments! You are no longer monitoring every purchase order that comes in. Not only do you have a growth plan for the next three years, but you are already thinking about exporting your product to the four corners of the world. You want someone who will follow you in your growth, who knows the tools needed to do it, who foresees instead of reacting.

On Compte is here for you. We use the latest information technology and the most appropriate integrations to ensure that your accounting follows you as you grow. We understand the importance of always having an accurate financial picture of your business. That is why we are committed to providing you with all the relevant financial data in a timely manner, and that means in real time!

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OnCompte is here for you!

We offer you the opportunity to streamline your operations so that your business can grow and function without the burden of staff.

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Payables and billing

You email us a file and we integrate it into the accounting system using artificial intelligence (AI).

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Our digital tools allow us to speed up the compilation of transactions for simple and efficient reconciliation.

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Our online service allows you to access dashboards and performance reports at any time (in real time or near real time).

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A simple, but powerful and effective process

Our accounting process is entirely paperless, using modern, online and easy-to-use technology.

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